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Tiny Sparks

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

I’ve always been enthusiastic about great writing and sex, and couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career as an erotica author. With digital and online technologies continuing to disrupt the print industry, it's important to provide an accessible place where I can connect with a wider audience. Here you will find samplings of my work, ranging from published stories to more personal pieces, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.



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About Tiny

Tiny Sparks is the nom de plume of an author of erotic and romantic short stories..
She was raised and born in England but moved to Germany where she met her other half. Her husband and their special relationship are the inspiration for her erotic short stories. 
The first two short stories have been raved about as ‘Fast and hot action. Can’t wait to read more’ and ‘Steamy read!’.
The stories offer sexy fantasies with a personal knowledge of the BDSM world. She is active on Twitter and is happy to share her knowledge on there and her website.


Newest releases

From last release to earlier releases

Waking His Mate

My father wanted an Alpha as heir. He had me, the surviving 'female' twin. He had no way to achieve his goal other than choosing a mate for me instead of waiting for a possible 'unsuitable' fated mate.
My eighteenth birthday arrived and so did the time of maturity for mating. A visit with a witch changed the odds in my favour.

With my father dead and my uncle ruling as Alpha in my stead, it was time for me to resume my rightful place. But finding my fated mate changed the order of things. How could I claim her if I wasn't an Alpha yet and how can I save her if I can't mate her? A visit with a witch offered the perfect solution.

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Cookies and Ghosts

March 15th, 2023

Ellen didn't know she has a great-aunt until she receives an invitation to meet her. With her great-aunt's house in shambles, Ellen must shack up with a sexy Scot named Kerr. No matter how much she throws herself at him, he resists, insisting on something more she's not ready for. Still, as deliciously handsome as he is, he might break down her walls and persuade her to try a relationship one last time. In her great-aunt, she finds a kindred soul who understands the struggles of being bipolar. However, when she's introduced to her great-aunt's young boyfriend, Ellen questions her sanity. Ghosts aren't real, or so she thought.

Cookies and Ghosts_small[5256].jpg

Brothel in Pompeii

December 6th 2022

Shannon and Darla are visiting the ruins of Pompeii when an overwhelming desire takes them to the Lunapar. Here they get naughty and reenact one of the frescoes. Little did they know they'd end up in 79AD Pompeii not long before the Volcano erupted.

Warning: 18+, explicit adult scenes, lesbian sex, and threesomes.

Pain & Pleasure An Erotic Cinderella Fairy tale

August 6th 2022

We open the doors of Cinderella's private life. The true degradation and pain incurred by her stepfamily. The pleasure she derived when pain was combined with pleasure by the prince.
The 'invitation' for the ball being a pay-off for her stepmother's debts, the fairy Godmother being a housemaid and the prince not as charming, make for the dark and erotic story of Cinderella.

However, a Happily Ever After is guaranteed with a nice payback.

Warning: 18+, not for the faint of heart, BDSM, Explicit scenes

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Pussycat BDSM Training

June 28th 2022

Pussycat is my stage name but they kept it during my training. I had no idea what I was getting into, however, the place was recommended by my friend who'd landed herself a place in a sheik's harem. It took special skills to become a harem girl or a rich couple's play toy. Nervous and excited I started on this journey.

Warning: 18+, NO romance, erotica in it's purest BDSM form, short story

Tina's Story 1-4

January 6th 2022

Tina has a fabulous imagination, giving her the opportunity to write sexy articles for a magazine. When offered a full time writer's gig, she's all for it.
This time, however, her imagination won't help her as they want a personal touch. A colleague at her current job might just give her all the experience she needs, and more.

This is the bundle of Initiation, introduction, invitation, inspiration.

BDSM Erotica with explicit sex scenes

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One night stand? Erotic Story

April 7th 2022

Her favourite band is finally coming to town. A mystery man protects her from getting smashed into the fence. But he uses his hot body for more than just that during the concert.

He recognises her voice when he meets her the next day but doesn't think she knows who he is.

He'll use his new birthday present to trick her into coming over and continue what they started.

Warning 18+

Explicit sex scenes in private and public.

His Rules 1-4
BDSM Erotic Story

May 10th 2022

This is the entire story of Greta and Allan

Follow Greta and her boss in their erotic office romance.

After being dumped by her boyfriend Greta needs to find a job. When she leaps at the first opportunity that crosses her path, she forgot to read the entire job description.

Her boss introduces her to a new world where she florishes under his guidance and hands.

Explicit sex scenes filled with BDSM bring their story to life with a happily ever after.

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The Escort Boudoir Erotic Story

February 6th 2021

Terri is daddy’s little rich girl, but she’s bored out of her mind. She can’t go out, can’t date, is restricted to the opulent house most days. She’s thirty-eight for god’s sake, when will she be able to live her own life?
Secretly, she’s looking into getting some action. Yes, the kind that involves sex, and lots of it.
Her best friend doesn’t want to get involved in her plans but has offered to be her alibi for two weeks. With those two weeks, Terri planned to be an escort. Would she go to an agency? That would be risky since her profile and picture might end up online. Her dad’s business didn’t allow for bad publicity, especially now when he was negotiating another important deal. Even though her best friend didn’t agree with her plans, she wants to protect her and searches for the safest option. When they stumble on an ad looking for an escort that can act and is bisexual, they both decide this would be a good start.

Warning: 18+ explicit content

The Office Party Lesbian BDSM

December 18th 2021

A make out scene at the Christmas office party is cut short when both parties realise they'll have to work together the next week.
Grace meets Sarah, but is disappointed when it turns out she's the new secretary. An error of huge importance takes place and the only salvation for Sarah is to join the dinner party between her boss, Grace, and the prospective advertiser for their magazine.
Sparks fly and boundaries are stretched on New Year's Eve.

Warning: 18+ Erotic explicit scenes, lightly tinted with BDSM. All lesbian sex scenes.

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The Mansion Boudoir Erotic Story

November 25th 2021

Meeting dominatrix Vicky is the best thing that happened to Clara. After her divorce she did massages in her little two-bedroom apartment. To make ends meet, she had to search for an extra income. Mistress Vicky teaches her all about massages with happy endings and how she could earn extra by joining in on her sessions.
After a while they reached a point that they wanted to branch out and create the ultimate fantasy rooms including personalised sex scenarios for their clients.

Warning: 18+ explicit content, FF, MF

The Ball Vampire Erotic Story

May 12th 2021

Caterina goes to an exclusive ball with one of her clients and falls in lust with him. When she wakes up the next day she has bite marks all over her body. he claims to be her mate, but she is not so sure about that.

Santos can’t believe how her scent draws him in. She’s worked as his accountant for years and never has she drawn his attention. When he tastes her, he knows she’s his mate, however she runs off before he can tell her. When his brother also wants a taste, he needs to fast forward the mating.

Warning: 18+ Explicit sex scenes

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The Cave Vampire Erotic Story

June 16th 2021

Lord Barth has been called upon to protect Michaela. When she runs away, her scent intrigues him. He follows her to the very witches he was supposed to protect her from. However, he knows them as they provide him with pain and orgasm laced blood. Biding his time, he waits to play rescuer at the opportune moment.

18+ Explicit scenes. Not for the faint of heart.

Millennial Ball Vampire Erotic Story

September 29th 2021

Alexandre tastes one blood bag after the other and finds them off putting. Never in his entire existence has he ever not found a delicious human to suck from at the Millennial Ball, where the servers are allowed to be fucked and sucked. None of them appeal to him, until his nose catches a fragrance that makes his fangs ache and his cock hard. Only problem is, she’s on the auction block, and his brother's mate has chosen her.

Louisa is one of the few selected to go to the ball. She never guessed that she’d be the food and a sexual plaything, instead of enjoying the great splendour. Her horror with the happenings at the ball decreases when one man singles her out. He gives her an orgasm she won't forget easily.

18+ Explicit scenes, mates, blood, bondage.

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Inspiration BDSM Erotic Stories

September 4th 2021

Tina is getting fed up with Barry's hovering. Her articles are doing well, but not paying enough to quit her job. When a question is asked at a family dinner, she runs and stays with her parents for a few days.

Warning: a rollercoaster of emotions, BDSM, explicit scenes, and rope bondage.

This is book 4 of the BDSM Erotic Stories

His Rules part 4 BDSM Erotic Fantasy

October 4th 2021

The sub training is on it's way in this fourth and final instalment of His Rules. Greta learns the ropes of being a submissive to her Dominant Boss. During the day she's his secretary and in the early morning and evening she follows His Rules.

Warning: 18+ explicit BDSM and sex scenes with a HEA

Tiny Sparks (8).jpg

His Rules part 3 BDSM Erotic Fantasy

August 4th 2021

Part three of Greta and her Boss' story continues. Greta finally sees where the lifestyle action happens. A private dungeon, gives her an idea of what awaits her if she agrees to be Sir's sub.

Tiny Sparks (1).jpg

His Rules part 2 BDSM Erotic Fantasy

July 29th 2021

Greta didn't know that exhibitionism was something she was into. When her boss uses her body to present his products to his clients, she gets all hot and bothered.

His Rules part 1 BDSM Erotic Fantasy

June 30th 2021

Greta is so eager to start at her new job that she signs a contract without reading it.
In this erotic fantasy, a sex clause was added to contract! After a bad relationship, she throws caution to the wind and finds out what it is to be 'involved' with the boss.

Tiny Sparks (1).jpg
Christmas (1).png

Invitation BDSM Erotic Stories

April 13th 2021

Tina and Barry's story continues in the third book of the BDSM Erotic Series!

Riding Red
Werewolf Erotic Story

March 17th 2021


After finding a stranger in her grandma's house, Red soon learns about the debt she must settle. There's no way around it but to barter herself. However, what's required isn't the usual sort of work. Within the den of her sworn enemies, she has to swallow her pride and serve the pack males.
18+ erotic scenes, only loosely based on the fairy tale Red Riding Hood, werewolves

RED large image.png
Christmas (3).png

Introduction BDSM Erotic Stories


Tina goes a step further to write her next article on experiencing BDSM.

Barry takes her out to a munch and a club.

WARNING: 18+ Explicit Content. BDSM Erotica.

Christmas (2).png

Initiation: BDSM Erotic stories

January 15th 2021


Tina has a fabulous imagination, giving her the opportunity to write sexy articles for a magazine. When offered a full time writer's gig, she's all for it.
This time, however, her imagination won't help her as they want a personal touch. A colleague at her current job might just give her all the experience she needs, and more. How far will she go to become a full time writer?


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

Virginia Woolf

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